The VAHS MTB Series team competition is scored much like a high school cross-country meet.  To be eligible a team must consist of three riders.  Riders should wear the same jerseys (these do not need to be custom-made; jerseys simply need to match).  The top three riders do not need to be the same students at each race.  For example, a team can send eight riders to a race and the top five (three and two "pushers")will score for the team.  To be eligible for the overall series title at least three riders need to race at each of the five races.  Points will be totaled from all five races at the end of the series to determine the winning team.

Scores are determined by summing the top three individual finishing places on each team. Points are awarded to the individual rider of eligible teams, equal to the position in which they cross the finish line (first place gets 1 point, second place gets 2 points, etc.). The points for these riders are summed, and the low score wins. Individual athletes, and athletes from incomplete teams are included in the scoring. Ties are resolved in favor of the team whose last scoring member finishes nearer to first place. There will be “pushers” in the scoring, meaning a team’s fourth and fifth rider will earn places in the scoring but not count towards the team’s overall point total.  

Same rules apply to J.V. races and Elementary School races.  
Individual scoring for the series is much like World Cup scoring.  Riders earn a specific number of points at each race according the their place.  Points are totaled before each race.  The rider with the highest point total is the “series leader” and will wear the “leader’s jersey.”  The state championship race will count double for all individual points.  Top-20 at each race earn points.  At the end of the series the rider with the most points is the VAHS MTB Series Champion.  

Same rules apply to J.V. category and Elementary School races.