My school doesn't have a team, but I love to ride.  Can I race in the series?
Yes.  VAHS MTB is open to ANY high school, middle school, or elementary school student who wants to race.  You do not need a team to participate.  

What do I need?
A mountain bike, helmet, and USA Cycling License (can be purchased at race), a waiver that has been signed by your parent or guardian.  http://www.usacycling.org/forms/rider_release.pdf

How much does it cost? 
The VAHS MTB Series' mission is to provide high-level races to junior racers at the lowest cost possible.  We work to keep entry fees as inexpensive as possible.  
  • Entry to each race is $12.00 if you purchase a season pass (plus you get a free VAHS MTB t-shirt)
  • Entry to a single race is $15 if you preregister on BikeReg
  • Race-day registration for a single race is $20  

Why is there an entry fee?
The entry fee helps cover the insurance for all races and other race expenses.  Insurance and race officials for each event are provided by USA Cycling.  

Can I make a composite team with friends from other high schools and compete in the team series?       
Yes.  If your school does not have a team and your friends' schools do not have teams, you may make a composite team.  This kind of team may represent a school county (ex. Fairfax County High School Composite Team or Albemarle County High School Composite Team)

Can elementary school middle school students compete?
Yes, elementary school and middle school students may compete in the series.  They may compete in any category that they choose. There is also a J.V. division and Elementary School division at each race. 

Are boys and girls scored separately?
Yes, boys and girls will be scored separately for both the individual and team competition.  

Are co-ed teams allowed?
Yes, co-ed teams will be scored as a boys team. 

Are there prizes?
Prizes will be awarded to the top-3 finishers in each category.  Individual points leaders will receive leader's jersey, which they wear in races. 

Do I need to attend all 6 races to compete in the individual points race?
No.  Points will be cumulative, so it is to your advantage to race in as many races as possible.            

Does a team need to compete in all 6 events to compete for team title?
Yes.  Because the team with the lowest number of points wins the series, a team must send 4 riders to each race to qualify for team title.  

I am out of high school.   Can I still race?
Sorry, the series is for current high school, middle school, and elementary school students only. 

I am home schooled.  Can I race?

Do I get a race T-Shirt with the cool VAHS MTB logo?
Limited-edition Cutaway VAHS MTB race t-shirts are available to purchase.  T-shirts are free if you purchase a season pass.   

I noticed that 2 of the races are held at private high schools.  Is this a prep school league?  Can public school students participate?
VAHS MTB is USA Cycling Sanctioned event and is coordinated by Miller School of Albemarle with the support of other Virginia private high schools like Blue Ridge School.  However, the series is open to ALL high school students--public and private.  It is not a prep school league.  

Why are 3 of the races on weeknights...this makes it challenging for riders who live far away from the venue to make the race?
This has been one of the big debates of the VAHS MTB Series.  The reason for weeknight races is that we want to maintain a traditional high school sports schedule.  Most high school sports take place on weeknights with an occasional weekend event (think cross-country, wrestling, basketball).  Also, we want to avoid overlapping with current road and mountain bike events in the state.  On the flip side, it is a challenge for some riders to depart school early to make the 5:30 p.m. start times.  However, we have found that school principals and teachers are usually very supportive if riders explain that they are departing early to attend a mountain bike race.  The VAHS MTB Series director can also contact schools and write letters to school administrators explaining the series.  Moving forward we continue to evaluate this model and have added an additional weekend event in 2013.